Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 Nephi 27

(August 8, 2015)
                One thing that is a constant blessing to me is how the Lord can sometimes answer our deepest concerns through the scriptures.  Prior to reading this chapter, I was struggling with making a determination that was weighing heavily on me.  I was praying for help and guidance, and I felt that I didn’t know what to do (or even how to figure out what to do).  I felt, frankly, ill-used in certain respects because the problems were not of my making but a consequence of the hurtful actions of others.

                I longed for comfort from the Lord and an answer to how I was supposed to deal with my struggles.  When I read this chapter, there was a long section that I could apply almost word for word with my current situation.  I don’t think that Isaiah had me in mind when he wrote this (or that Nephi had me in mind when he quoted it), nor do I think that the interpretation I drew was even the ‘correct’ one according to the language of the scriptures.  Instead, I think that the scripture worked as a way for the Lord to open my heart to revelation and give me instructions on my particular set of circumstances.

                That being said, the instruction is very difficult.  Getting the answer is one thing, but being able to follow the counsel is sometimes far different.  I still undoubtedly have a struggle ahead of me to accept and internalize the message I have been given.

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