Monday, August 31, 2015

Galatians 4-6

(August 1, 2015)
                There seems to be a particular mentality that has become somewhat prevalent.  This mentality draws upon some language regarding overzealousness, and draws the conclusion that any zeal is a bad thing.  Those who espouse this position hold the idea that anyone who is zealous about anything has missed the mark.

                But, of course, this is not true.  Paul is quite clear in these chapters that zeal for a good cause is a good thing.  In fact, even accounting for the scriptures regarding overzealousness it is far more appropriate to say that zeal is a negative when it is misdirected.  One cannot be overzealous in the service of the Lord – one can, however, be overzealous in pursuing a particular Gospel hobby and claiming it to be service to the Lord.

                But, regardless, it is painfully clear that zeal is a positive trait (rather than a negative one), and is sorely lacking in the world currently.
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