Thursday, November 7, 2013

Doctrine and Covenants 76

(November 4, 2013)
When I read this Section, my mind is filled with an understanding of the love and kindness which the Lord demonstrates to all of His children.  To those who live far afield of right and wrong, they are granted a Telestial existence.  They enjoy a level of happiness far beyond that which they could receive in mortality.  For the honest in heart deceived, they receive a Terrestrial existence.  This Terrestrial existence almost perfectly matches what the modern Christian world thinks of when they conceive of Heaven.  Angels, and the ministering of Christ.

Only those who receive Celestial glory will know as they are known.  The others will receive the reward they sought out during this life.  What’s more, I don’t believe that the veil is fully lifted for those in the Telestial or Terrestrial world (I think that is what is being referred to as knowing as they are known), so I don’t think that those who inherit that world will even know that there is a higher world which they could have achieved.  And that, too, would be a mercy.

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