Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Exodus 15-16

(March 3, 2014)
Each of us wants so very badly for the security and peace that comes from being in control of our own destiny.  Like the Israelites, we want to gather up enough blessings each day to have enough for our needs today and enough in store for tomorrow (just in case).  Objectively, I realize that what that means is nothing more than that I don’t trust the Lord to be there tomorrow when I need Him to be there – a horrible thing, and an indictment of my character.  But the fear is real that, for whatever reason, we will find ourselves without protection, without manna, and without hope.

I suppose that it might perhaps be an issue of righteousness.  We may feel that way because we want to have the freedom to sin, and to know that if and when we do sin the result won’t be ‘starvation’ (in whatever form that would take for each of us).  But that cannot be the way we look at the world.  It is a good thing to be wholly dependent on the Lord (and we are, regardless of what we might thing), and it is a better thing for us to be aware of that dependance (and, ideally, thankful for it).

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