Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mosiah 9-10

(February 28, 2014)
Some chapters are just full of secondary evidences as to the fact that the Book of Mormon is a translated work as opposed to a created one.  This happens to be one of them.  Whether it is the fact that the Lamanites made such a big deal about Nephi running off with the records (which they didn’t even want to get in the first place, were willing to abandon the attempt to get when it became difficult, which Nephi subsequently acquired by miraculous means, and which was more a source of annoyance when they were force-fed the doctrine than joy) – a situation that only makes sense in light of the ancient view of the holder of the codex as the head of the family line – or whether it was the small piece of evidence where King Limhi set the women on task to toil and spin (a level of micro-control that Joseph Smith would not have envisioned in his understanding of a large kingdom and ruling king in his day, but which matches the top-down dictation of economic activity in Mesoamerican during that time period), the evidence causes the book to burst at the seams.

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