Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Exodus 8-9

(February 27, 2014)
Our lives are, I believe, much like Pharaoh’s (you have heard me say this recently, I am sure).  And, like Pharaoh, sometimes we turn away from the Lord.  But we are not left without hope when we turn from Him – instead, He reaches out to us time after time.  Just as He did with Pharaoh, God gives us warning after warning, convincing us of the errors of our ways.  We turn back to the Lord, only to turn away again.  And yet, time after time and chance after chance, the Lord continues to prove to us of the need for our repentance.  Like with Pharaoh, it is only after countless chances of this kind have been squandered that we are destroyed – proving both God’s mercy and His justice.

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