Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mosiah 12

(March 2, 2014)
The people who took Abinidi before King Noah, for what little it was worth, actually were correct in what they accused Abinidi of.  Yes, he did prophesy evil concerning the life of the king (as well he should have, since the king was evil).  Yes, the people of King Noah were a strong and mighty people, according to the arm of the flesh (King Noah apparently presided over an era of significant prosperity).

There are two things to take from this.  First, in my profession I am at risk of becoming hyper-technical or legalistic (a necessary trait in business, but not an admirable one in life).  The legal case might be made against Abinidi, but the moral issue is more significant than the legal case.  Secondly, just because we see prosperity in our life or the life of those around us does not mean that we are on the right path – in fact, we could be prospering precisely because we have left the Gospel path.  The Lord promises us untold riches, but not in this world but rather in His world.  We have to make a living, and we have to provide for those within our stewardships, but we cannot see worldly success as an evidence of virtue.

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