Thursday, June 27, 2013

Acts 13-14

(June 27, 2013)
David was a man whose heart was like unto the Lord’s.  That raised, for me, an interesting question – would David have lost his Exaltation had he not been called upon to serve as king?  He would not have been in a position of power and influence, he would not have seen Bathsheba, and he could not have sent her husband off to his death.  Of course, he make choices that cost him his eternal reward, but had he been placed in differing circumstances could he have kept the faith?  If I had been placed in his circumstances, would I have made his mistakes?

There are a number of thoughts swirling around in my head concerning the possible implications of this.  But, for now, I would like to deal with a simpler one – we are insufficiently charitable to our political leaders.  Or, more to the point, I am insufficiently charitable to my political leaders.  They are being pulled constantly by temptations and opportunities that I am blessed not to have in my life.  Many will succumb to these temptations, and many who start out serving end up sacrificing their eternal reward on the altar of their lusts for gain, power, popularity, or the flesh.

Yes, we suffer for their mistakes – but only temporally.  They suffer for them eternally, and with them taking those positions they do not fall to us to take instead.  I would never hope to lead and I don’t understand the mentality that desires that kind of stewardship and responsibility without a corresponding availability of Divine help.  I cannot think that, like David, there are other politicians today who (but for their roles in government) might have received a far greater eternal reward.  To those who lost so much, they deserve our pity rather than our ire.

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