Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ether 7-8

(June 22 2013)
There are those who believe that men are generally good, and I consider myself one of those.  But, when we compare that general belief to the actions of men even I am forced to admit that evil would seem to be a better descriptor than good.  Add to that the fact that these chapters pretty well describe evil in all its (limited) glory, and it would appear that there are those who are evil for evil’s sake.

Why do people seek to destroy that which is good and decent in this world?  We see it around us politically, and we are told that we are being foolish – no one wants to destroy America despite taking actions that would seem to be destroying America.  We dare not call the unpatriotic unpatriotic.  But there are those in our government to despise us, despise freedom, and would see this country destroyed so as to limit the good that it could do in the world.  They would enslave us if they could.  And this is talking about people in both parties.

How does this reconcile with the idea that people are generally good?  How do we deal with those who seem to be advancing evil for evil’s sake when it is possible that they are just wrong.  Or, when what we think is good is only our opinion of good governance and not a moral issue.  After all, I don’t think the Lord has an ideal marginal tax rate (maybe He does, but if He does I don’t know it).  How do we resist secret combinations when they are secret?

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