Sunday, June 23, 2013

Acts 8

(June 23 2013)
Simon is an interesting case.  On the one hand, pride is clearly an issue for him.  He holds himself out as a man of distinction and importance, and performed a number of sorceries and so forth.  I envision him as something similar to a traveling huckster or charlatan who, to his credit, recognizes the genuine article when he comes face to face with it.  But he still has trouble realizing that the Lord’s work isn’t about him – he can participate in it but he does not direct it (and it doesn’t revolve around him).

Again, though, to his credit he humbles himself and requests the prayers of the Apostles to seek a change in his heart when he is chastened.  I don’t know whether he was ultimately made into a useful tool by the Lord, but I somewhat hope that he was.  His weaknesses were instructive, but his struggles to overcome them are instructive as well.

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