Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ether 14

(June 27, 2013)
This is a chapter that does not fill my soul with a great deal of hope politically – especially in light of the things that are happening in this country right now.  Like those in the days of Ether, we are placed in a position of choosing between two sides.  On the one side is the side that seems inevitable, and on the other side is the less-wicked (but still not righteous) side that seems destined for defeat.  We are pressured to choose a side, and those who do not are slowly being swept off as were the neutrals in the land of Corihor.

As I think on the subject, though (in light of my ponderings from yesterday), I am better seeing the answer.  There is no safety in joining with Shiz – all of his subjects were killed.  There is no safety in joining with Coriantumr – only he survived of his people.  And there is no safety in staying neutral – look what happened to the people of Corihor when they tried that.

It turns out that I was wrong in what I read yesterday.  The point of these chapters is exactly that we are to liken ourselves to Ether.  Only Ether shows us the way when conflict between two opposing sides (both of whom have abandoned the Lord).  We choose neither.  Likewise, we do not stand as neutral.  We serve the Lord, and we are His to do with as He may choose – to save or to sacrifice.  Ether is our model in these chapters even when the Coriantumrs and the Shizs run rampant over our world.

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