Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ether 13

(June 26, 2013)
What must things have been like in this chaotic time?  How was it possible that there weren’t any people, save Ether, who were willing to follow the Lord?  This is a hard chapter to liken to ourselves because there are few ways that clearly allow us to do so.  It is fine to liken ourselves to Ether (if the Lord tells us to prophesy, we prophesy – and hide in the rock if that is what it takes), but we aren’t likely to be the last prophet on the face of the land (I hope I am not).

Likewise, we can determine what we would do if called to repentance like Coriantumr.  But what if we were just an average joe in the kingdom of Coriantumr or Shared?  What should we do, when the world around us seems to be openly and aggressively courting and encouraging evil?  How do we resist when we are called upon to combat evil and darkness in high places?

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