Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ether 13

(December 25, 2013)
I find a great deal of hope in this chapter.  Corinatumr was a bad, bad man.  He wasn’t as bad as some others during this time period (the Gadianton Robbers wanted him dead, and he presumably wasn’t one of them), but he clearly was a man that put himself before the Lord.  And yet, even after everything he had done the Lord still sent Ether to preach repentance to him – with the promise that it wasn’t too late and he could still be forgiven.

When I look at my mistakes in life, I sometimes feel as though I have squandered my birthright and the damage I have done is irreversible.  And perhaps that is true in a mortal sense – I cannot get back the years spent in mistaken pursuits.  But in an eternal sense, it is not true – it is not too late.  It wasn’t too late for Coriantumr and it isn’t too late for me.  It only becomes too late when we choose not to repent, mimicking Coriantumr’s doomed choice.

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