Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moroni 10

(December 31, 2013)
There seems to be a certain line of thinking that many of us are vulnerable to.  It follows the idea that the miracles that we have read about in the scriptures were great and profound, and it would be good to expose them to scientific examination.  But they all occurred before we had the capacity to examine them.  This, we sometimes think in the recesses of our mind, is not a coincidence – we then seek to minimize or find scientific explanations for the miraculous things we read about because we begin to think that science would explain them

This chapter posits a different approach.  Science is a valuable and meaningful pursuit (I am trying to teach myself modern physics currently).  But science, if we are not careful, can displace rather than supplement faith.  With the rise of science, the faith of man decreases as we look to the natural word for explanations of reality rather than the Divine.  As that faith decreases, the miraculous things that followed believers through time also decrease.

As I said, I have seen this in my own life.  I have been blessed to have seen miracles, including things that had no scientific explanation.  I have found that my mind works on those miracles over time – weakening them at the very point I attempt to find explanations for how they happened.  It is dangerous to allow our minds to work against our spirits – developing our minds is good and right, but we must always remember who those minds were created to serve.

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