Monday, August 25, 2014

1 Chronicles 1-2

(August 19, 2014)
                The preservation of genealogy in the scriptures is an interesting thing.  Understanding the Gospel the way we do, we can understand why this genealogy was kept, but I wonder how much the writers of these genealogy understood things.  On the one hand, I think that there is a general belief that historically these genealogies were provided to support a claim for power or authority – and I think that is possible that this is the motivation for some.  But I think that there is a danger that as we look at things anthropologically and historically we ignore the truths that were known among those we might believe to be unaware of certain Gospel truths that we now know.

                I think that there must have been at least a sense of the importance of the great family of mankind, even if the full importance of the sealing ordinances was not known.  After all, Malachi’s revelation did not come from nowhere.  In fact, one of the most amazing thing in my study of the Old Testament is just how many elements of the restored Gospel can be found – perhaps not in its fullness, but clearly evident.

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