Monday, August 25, 2014

Mosiah 2

(August 23, 2014)
                As one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, it is sometimes a struggle to open my mind to what the Lord wants me to know from this chapter on this reading – my mind is filled with past experiences from reading it or things that I have learned.  Each new encounter with it in search of what the Lord wants me to learn this time is like attending a party filled with close friends that you know and love and being tasked to find and acquaint yourself with the person you haven’t met before.

                But yet, each time there is something to be found.  For example, I was struck by the fact that Mosiah did not ascend to his kingship until such time as he obeyed his father in facilitating the people receiving Benjamin’s message.  Could there be a better template for each of us in our roles as sons or daughters of Heavenly Kings?  We each may want to go our own ways – follow our natures or our hearts, as did more than a few Jaredite kings and others – but if we are focused on fulfilling the commands of our Father and King, and serve His will in helping all the people to hear His Voice, the day will come when He will raise each of us up as kings in His Heavenly Kingdom.

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