Monday, August 25, 2014

Omni 1

(August 20, 2014)
                Verse 26 is a powerful verse that I have read over a number of times without really understanding it until I reached this point in my life.  We tend to want to live our lives such that we give pieces to the Lord – we might want to excise out a bad habit or a vice, but want to keep our will and our to our self.  But the Lord is not satisfied with us giving away a couple of weaknesses (because giving away a number of weaknesses, even if they are the most significant weaknesses we have, has no power to save).  We are to give our whole souls as an offering to Him – holding nothing back.

                This is not something that we are capable of doing as well as we might like.  I have struggled to give the Lord my will and my whole soul, but I find myself haltingly putting my will on the altar, then pulling it back, then working up the capacity to offer it again to the Lord.  This brings us to the second half of this verse.  We must be willing to offer our whole soul to the Lord, even if we are not capable of doing so now.  But if we are willing, then we need to continue in fasting and prayer and enduring to the end and we will find our capacity to offer our whole soul as an offering to the Lord increase as we continue to progress towards Him.

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