Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alma 22

(October 2, 2015)
                We see an important truth in our relationship with Deity in this chapter.  We are, each of us, called to become willing to give up all that we possess to the Lord.  We are not, however, always called to actually give up all that we possess.  The king offered, but instead of being obligated to give up all that he possessed, he continued to live and serve as king until his death shortly thereafter.  All of the losses of power and prestige happened under the reign of his son.

                Likewise, we need to each be willing to give absolutely everything to the Lord.  Our wealth, our time, our hobbies, our relationships, our good name – anything, whether good or bad, we must be prepared to sacrifice to Him.  When we reach that point, the Lord may choose to take some or all of what we offer or He may choose not to, but that is ultimately irrelevant to our eternal progress (King Lamoni did not need to give up everything and yet we can presume he was save – while Anti-Nephi-Lehi was called upon to give up everything and yet in the end we presume he was also saved).

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