Monday, October 12, 2015

Alma 33

(October 10, 2015)
                Dealing with enemies, if we draw counsel from the scriptures (and I think we should), can still be maddeningly complex.  For example, in this one chapter we have two separate examples of dealing with our enemies from Zenos.  It describes Zenos praying and the Lord mercifully turning his enemies to Zenos.  Shortly thereafter, it showed Zenos praying and the Lord speedily visiting Zenos’s enemies with destruction.

                Of course, I may be making things far too complex.  The consistent lesson through this chapter is that if we turn to the Lord we, in the end, will be alright.  Perhaps our enemies will be mercifully saved and turned to us.  Perhaps they will instead be destroyed.  And perhaps the lesson to be learned is that it ultimately doesn’t matter to us which of these options is chosen.  Ultimately the key is that we can trust that we will be alright either way and leave them to the hand of the Lord.

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