Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alma 23

(October 3, 2015)
                Behind the scenes, throughout the Book of Mormon, there is an undercurrent of discord between the Nephites and the Mulekites.  Alma, to be honest, is a book about these disputes (with the Lamanites serving a side role even as they are the bulk of the antagonist combatants).  If the Book of Mormon matches the idea that books are written to enshrine the narrative of the ruling class (and why they should rule), then this book certainly fulfills the model.

                Of course, it takes some effort to see it – most noticeably because the Mulekites are almost entirely absent from the book (at least explicitly).  There are reasons for this, of course – primarily that as a Nephite (and a pure-blood one at that), Mormon was focused on his lineage and their history and right of rulership.  Additionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mulekites didn’t have a major role in one or both sides of the final battle that Mormon was witnessing.

                It is all there, just behind the curtain.  The Lamanites converted to the Gospel – after all, they were only kept from it because of their unrighteous ancestors.  Meanwhile, the Amalekites (almost certainly Mulekites) and Amulonites (of which there is some textual indication they may also be Mulekites) refused to convert.  Even the one Amalekite that did convert (and you can bet there is a good story behind that conversion, and Mormon likely had record of his name, or else why would it be mentioned) was mentioned in passing rather than being given detailed description.

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