Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 35-37

(October 3, 2015)
                The closing of Section 37 is fascinating.  Here we have the commandment of Jesus Christ to His people, and yet despite who He is and what He knows, He continues to respect their agency.  “[L]et every man choose for himself until I come.”

                There is profound guidance in this to us who are in any position of stewardship – whether Bishop or Stake President or Elder’s Quorum President or father.  We may think we know exactly what needs to be done, and we might be right.  We may think we know exactly what mistakes those under our stewardship are making, and we may be right.  We may think we know the tragic consequences if our counsel isn’t followed, and we may be right.  But none of these justify our overstepping of our stewardship and failing to respect another’s agency.

                If Jesus Christ can give a commandment to His people and close with a reminder that their agency permits disobedience (unwise though that is), then I had better do likewise in any situation where I am acting in His place.

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