Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alma 27-29

(October 6, 2015)
                Once again, the Ammonites are a great example to each of us.  They did not fear death, which can only happen as a result of two key points – they had a firm testimony and they were living their lives in accordance with God’s will.  This provides the power to overcome not only the fear of death, but really empowers us to overcome all fear.

                After all, if we truly understand that God has prepared a perfect Plan, and this Plan is perfectly designed to bring about our happiness, and if we are doing what we can (however limited that may be) to do what the Lord wants from us, then what is there to fear?  Job loss?  The Lord will take care of it, and it is part of His Plan.  Death?  The Lord will take care if, and it is part of Him Plan.  Illness?  Children straying?  Whatever the concern may be, if we have faith and if we do our part (whatever it is that the Lord may ask of us), there will be no need for us to ever fear.

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