Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 39

(October 5, 2015)
                Certainly we are not always the source of our own suffering.  After all, Christ was acquainted with all types of suffering, and He lived a perfect life.  But I am convinced that many times our suffering in mortality is designed by a loving Father to bring us to the point where we are finally ready and willing to confront our weaknesses and apply the Atonement in our lives.

                This is shown in this Section.  The Lord tells James Covel that he as seen great sorrow, and the reason for that sorrow is that he rejected the Lord many times because of pride and the cares of the world.  So, to, with us I believe.  We have each likely seen great sorrow – not all the sorrow we have experienced, of course, but a substantial portion – because we rejected the Lord because of those things we placed as more important than Him.

                Honestly, this is great news.  Because to the extent that we repent, we will find these self-generated burdens and sorrows relieved.  Of course, if my experience is any guide the moment you choose to repent you will also find the suffering to open our eyes to our weaknesses magnified to the Nth degree, but that suffering is a blessing as well.

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