Monday, October 12, 2015

Alma 35-36

(October 12, 2015)
                There are those things in the scriptures that confuse me as to the perfection of God’s judgment.  I am grateful, for example, that my sins can be forgiven (even those sins that I can not possibly make any restitution for).  But I look at a situation such as Alma, where he murdered God’s children (spiritually), and thereafter he repented and received forgiveness.  But those he murdered are, at least many of them, still lost.

                So I absolutely trust that God is just, so when something seems to make no sense to me the problem must be in my understanding rather than His actions.  And I am very, very grateful that justice works this way (otherwise I, too, would be lost). The only thing I can view as a resolution is the intercession of Christ.  What Christ does for each of us is so much more than what we can do to damage each other that it is fair to be forgiven for our mistakes.

                For example, had Alma not rebelled but Christ not come, then the people would still be lost and damned.  Christ Atoning for Alma and for their sins empowered Him to say that His forgiveness is available to all of us (regardless of how difficult our road has been or how difficult we have made other’s road) so long as we ultimately accept Hm.  This, in my mind, does make sense as a matter of justice and is once again another necessary reason for the Atonement (assuming I am correct in my thinking here).

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