Monday, April 8, 2013

Alma 30

(April 8, 2013)
The language here that no one is punished for their beliefs could not be more clear.  It is certainly important to the Lord – Mormon leaves no doubt about that in his writings.  And, what’s more, it is something that we profess to believe as Latter-Day Saints.

But do we truly act as if we believe it?  When our neighbors have different points of view to us, do we judge them for it?  When we disagree with our spouse or children, do we think less of them because of their different beliefs?  I think I fall prey to this far more often than I would like to admit.

The other thought I had as I read was related to the First Amendment and free speech.  I mentioned before that I go back and forth as to whether we should be First Amendment absolutists (and I am, or rather, was).  But this chapter really answers that question from Mormon’s perspective.  After all, he specifically states that the Ammonites were “wise” in refusing to allow Korihor to speak, and took steps to force him out of their lands.  I have no idea how to implement that on a national scale, but there is certainly appropriate implementation on a household scale – I need to be wise and keep bad speech out of my home.

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