Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zechariah 1-6

(April 9, 2013)
I cannot remember the exact quotation, but to paraphrase Joseph Smith – ‘the resurrection is the principle of consolation.’  By this, he meant that through (and only through) the resurrection would all wrongs be righted, the unjust made just, and each receive according to their measure.

Reading in these chapters, I was impressed by this consolation running underneath the words of the prophet.  There were those, prior to the captivity, who were born, lived wickedly, prospered gloriously, and died in their sleep.  There were those, born during the captivity, who were born into suffering, bore it with Grace, lived the law, and died having never seen Jerusalem.

Yes, the fruits of wickedness is unhappiness and the fruits of righteousness is peace – I do not argue that.  But, in terms of justice, there is no justice between these two examples save for the resurrection.  But, with the resurrection, we can be consoled by the fact that when we do good and evil is returned to us, that evil will be consumed by the good we receive in the resurrection.  When we behave justly and our lot is unjust, that unjustice will likewise be consumed by the just reward we receive in the resurrection.

It is the resurrection, and only the resurrection, that truly empowers us to wait on the Lord.

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