Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joshua 9-10

(May 25, 2010)
You know, I have always understood that the descriptions of wars in the Book of Mormon were to be viewed not only as a history but also as a metaphor for our battle with sin.  Despite understanding that, I never made the connection with the Israelites possessing the promised land until today – their wars to expel the unrighteous from their inheritance can easily be compared to our efforts to claim our inheritance from the Father.

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I also wondered what life must have been like for those who were replaced by the Israelites.  I cannot imagine the suffering that the peoples in those lands went through.  I always tried to liken the scriptures to me, but I wondered what I would do if I were born an Ammorite.  What if I were a ten-year-old boy in one of the kingdoms that the Israelites replaced?  It is difficult to get your head around.

That being said, I did take some comfort from the fact that there were those who – recognizing that the Lord was with Israel – were spared destruction by pledging their service to the people of the Lord.

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