Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alma 13

(September 23, 2013)
Alma’s words are a potent reminder of obligations that each of us has to our fellow men.  We have been blessed to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but while this is a great gift it is also our draft notice into the continuation of the War in Heaven on Earth.  Alma, being ridiculed and reviled, preached a Gospel of peace to those who attacked him.  He preached of his desire for them to find God, repent, and return to Him that would give them joy.  Likewise we are drafted into this war, and our enemies are not those who are our Father’s children.  They are the battleground, and their souls are the victims of this conflict.  The enemy is our Enemy from the beginning.  Remembering this is how we maintain our love for those who do us wrong while still calling on them to repent.

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