Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doctrine and Covenants 16-18

(September 23, 2013)
There is the natural human tendency to divide ourselves into the “us” group and the “them” group.  Those who are “us” are given the benefit of the doubt, they are protected and assisted, and we stand ready to meet them and help them.  The “them” group, however, are imputed with bad motives, attacked and obstructed, and we avoid them and do not help them.

The key to understand, however, is that each and every one of us is bought with a price.  Christ has bought and paid for not only “us,” but also “them.”  As such, there is no “them.”  There is only “us.”  Any other approach devalues the worth that Christ has placed upon souls by the price He paid for them.

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