Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 27-29

(April 7, 2015)
                I have often been struck by the interchange between Ammon and the king – how Ammon interposes his desire to have them go and how the king reminds Ammon that he still needed to take the matter to the Lord.  No matter how certain we are of the right course of action (no matter how self-evident it may appear), we still have the obligation to take our course before the Lord.  He may be silent for many or most of what we take before Him (then again, of course, He may not) – but either way we have that obligation.

                I think that is a big part of our obligation to take no action before going to the Lord in prayer that He may consecrate our actions for our good.  We are servants, and the servant can do nothing without the Lord.  We may seek to be profitable (and not slothful) servants by being out and about doing good, but everything we do in His name (and everything we do should be in His name) we should first take to Him.

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