Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 34

(April 12, 2015)
                There are certain virtues that are impossible to fully understand.  Gratitude, I have learned, is one of them – no matter how far down the rabbit hole of gratitude we go, we cannot reach the bottom because there is more we still stand in need of being grateful of.  Prayer is another of these virtues.

                Each time my life is blessed by prayer, I wonder how it is that I have lost sight before that point of how wonderfully prayer can bless my life.  And each time I commit to never forget these blessings and rededicate myself to more prayerfully living my life.  And yet, each time I am surprised when the full power of prayer is once again revealed to me. 

                I am grateful that the Lord is patient, because I am such a slow learner.

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