Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Matthew 1

(April 14, 2015)
                I find it very telling that before Joseph received the visitation to know the truth of who the Christ was, he already made certain decisions that were correct and merciful according to his understanding at the time.  So many times, we are in positions to choose good or bad based upon our understanding.  Our understanding may be imperfect (or even outright poor), but if we make the right decision as we know it then the Lord has a way of either magnifying that decision or letting us know that it needs to be changed.

                The second thought was that the order of revelation was odd in light of what we would expect with our modern sensibilities.  Mary was carrying the Son of God, and had angelic visitations.  And yet, the name of the child was given to Joseph.  I am not certain what the significance of that is, but I am convinced that it does have some significance.

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