Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 31

(April 9, 2015)
                The concept of having our sorrows and afflictions swallowed up in the joy of Christ is a potent one.  I have experienced this a time or two (though, sadly, not nearly as much as I should experience it).  There are times when challenges face me or people wrong me and I find myself bitter or seeking justice or some similar, dysfunctional response.  But other times, I manage to remember why I am on the Earth, and what I am supposed to be learning, and how I am to be helping others.  I lose myself.

                Sometimes it can be only the most fragile of things, lasting just a moment.  But sometimes it is more persistent and potent.  But during those times when my perspective is eternal and my focus is on the Savior, I find that all of my frustrations are swept away – swallowed up in the joy of Christ.  It is a wonderful place to be, which naturally leads me to question why I don’t allow myself to stay in that place more frequently than I do.

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