Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 30

(April 8, 2015)
                There seems to be an inevitable progression between priestcraft on the one hand and sexual immorality on the other.  We see it in the modern conceit of “spiritual but not religious,” which is more accurately described as a vague belief in God so long as that God doesn’t tell me what to do (thus justifying any sexual indulgence desired).  We also see it in the larger attacks of certain species of feminism (primarily third-wave feminism) and the gay-marriage movement, who first attack religion through priestcrafts and ultimately reach a point of dismissing religion altogether.

                That is a subject large enough to merit pages of response.  But the single, central topic that I do want to mention is the reality that when priestcrafts are engaged in to permit license, the natural and inevitable consequence of that is not a more permissive religion but the abandonment of religion.  Korihor followed that road, and each of us must decide for ourselves whether we will join him.

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