Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 40

(April 16, 2015)
                It is a frightening thing to consider the moment of judgment if we are found unworthy.  The thought that we could be damned – never to progress to the level that the Lord knew to be the highest source of joy – is simply terrifying.  I don’t know that this is how it would work, of course, but in my imagination I see the moment when everything new I could see has been seen, and everything new I could do has been done, and everything new I could learn has been learned.  And, still, an eternity stretches out before me.

                It is better, I know, to be righteous out of love for our Father – and I have learned far better to give my will over to Him out of a genuine love and trust for what He does for my life (though I am still far from perfect in this regard).  But when that doesn’t work or seem to be enough, the fear of the consequences of a life devoted to sin seems to be a significant motivator in and of itself.

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