Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zephaniah 1-3

(April 6, 2015)
                Under the circumstances in which I find myself, I admit to a great deal of desire for vindication on my ‘enemies.’  Those who have lied and continue to lie about me, those who have and continue to hurt me, and so forth.  But the better course of action is always the one advised here – to seek out meekness and personal righteousness, and to allow the Lord to fight His own battles.

                Perhaps the Lord will defend me, and bring about justice as I see things.  But perhaps the Lord will deal with those who hurt me the way that He did the people of Ninevah – and that they will turn from what they are doing.  The latter clearly seems to be the better choice from every perspective except mine as I struggle with the pain of certain circumstances.  I need to abandon those weaknesses that compel such thoughts in me and to hope for the best for others regardless of how they treat me.

                It is simple in concept, but a challenge in execution and something that I am still struggling with.

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