Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alma 35-36

(April 13, 2015)
                It is interesting how the Zoramites had such a compulsive need to “follow” those that believed in God.  Once those people had left and taken up with the Ammonites, there was no reason for them to ever be a concern to the Zoramites again.  And yet, the Zoramites felt compelled to follow them and seek to continue their oppression of them.

                This struck me as a good example of a very real characteristic of human nature.  There are groups of people for whom it is not enough to get what they want – they need to make certain that disfavored individuals or groups are destroyed.  Whether it is, in my situation, the fact that I have someone who each and every time I withdraw from conflict that person escalates, or the active attempts by certain people to find offense in each circumstance (searching the internet for hours to find someone saying something for which they can be offended), they pursue until there is no place left.

                It is, I believe, because a person in the grips of a certain type of issue cannot deal with the idea that there are places where others are free to find happiness and peace – particularly the happiness and peace that they lack.  If they cannot be happy or at peace (and they refuse to look at their own behavior for consideration of whether that is the source of their unhappiness), then no one else can have happiness.  And rather than consider themselves as potentially the source, they seek out conflict so as to always have a convenient target to blame.

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