Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zechariah 1-3

(April 8, 2015)
                Sometimes it feels as though the slide towards Gomorah of society (to borrow a phrase) is an inevitability.  There are cancers in the world that I cannot see a way to be rid of, and for some areas of morality it seems as though the train has already left the station.

                But we know that isn’t true.  As bad as the world seems sometimes, we are offered a pair of protections.  First, no matter what happens to the world at large if we fulfill our stewardships we will ultimately be given what the Father wishes to give us.  Secondly, the Lord can fix this – He can fix absolutely everything – in a single day.  Not only can He do it, but we know that He will do it.

                So we don’t have to see a way whereby things can be restored – we merely need to trust the Lord when He says that He can restore what needs restored.

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