Friday, May 30, 2014

3 Nephi 13

(May 30, 2014)
There is a great deal of comfort in reading this chapter, because it shows to us how we have a loving Father who actively wants to take care of us and makes us happy.  Sometimes I believe that we mistakenly believe that our Father wants us to be unhappy.  We see ourselves as suffering for the faith, and believe that it is the Father’s will.

But that isn’t what Father wants.  He wants us to be happy, but eternally happy.  So sometimes He will set aside what we might want in the short term to make us happy while keeping a long-term perspective on how we can become the person that we should and must become to find a fullness of joy.  If there is something that I want that I believe will make me happy (let’s use a silly example – a chocolate sundae), then I can take that request to the Father.  God wants me to be happy, so should the receipt of the sundae not stifle me spiritually in some way, I can trust that my loving Father will give me a sundae.  If, on the other hand, I am not given a sundae for some reason I can likewise trust that the only reason I am not getting a sundae is because Father has something even better in mind for me.

Yet when we don’t get our sundae, we sometimes complain and murmur (internally, even if not publicly).  We are like the children who want our parents to take us to McDonald’s for sundaes and get angry when they don’t, while our parents are busily driving us towards Disney World.  There may be nothing wrong with a sundae, but it isn’t what will make us the happiest (and that is what Father longs to give each of us).

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