Monday, May 26, 2014

3 Nephi 7

(May 25, 2014)
I find Nephi’s experience here to be illustrative, because I have seen this in both my life and in the life of those I have spoken with.  When I am in the wrong, I become angry when I am shown to be in the wrong (and the more convincing the proof, the more angry I become).  Likewise, when I am showing someone else they are wrong, they become angry with me (and the better my proof, the angrier they become).

You would think that we would desire to be right – especially about an issue as important as the truth of our eternal salvation.  But that just isn’t the way the natural man is wired.  We want to protect our worldview (and, often with it, our excuses for our personal sins and imperfections), and we are so desperate to cling to that worldview that we persist long after we should have abandoned it.

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