Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jeremiah 12-13

(January 19, 2015)
                The covenant is not a special relationship in the traditional sense, but rather it is a special way of living that enables us to receive the Lord’s blessings.  It isn’t that we are special because we are people of the covenant, it is that we are special if we live after the covenant.  Jeremiah illustrates this in both directions – if the people of Israel live after the manner of the world, they will be destroyed but if the people of the world live after the manner of Israel they will be saved.  

                So it is with us.  We have the fullness of the Gospel and the saving ordinances.  If we live according to the covenants we have made, we will be saved.  If we live according to the ways of the world, we will be destroyed.  If the people outside of our faith live according to the covenants (even if they have not yet been formalized), they will have the opportunity to be saved.  If they live according to the world around them, they will be destroyed.

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