Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jeremiah 9-11

(January 18, 2015)
                There seems to be a constant pull, especially today, for some within the covenant to adopt the ways of those outside the covenant.  Using the word heathen in this context, and I think it is an appropriate if loaded word, there are those who tell us even today that we should learn the ways of the heathens and adopt them within the Church.  Learn the ways of the heathens on gay marriage, on female ordination, on secularist approaches to scripture, and so forth.

                The reality is that, although the Lord may change things on any or all of those positions (although I don’t see how on gay marriage) right now living according to the covenant we are under we are to live our lives in opposition to those things.  Choosing to accept gay marriage (or even promote gay marriage) is learning the way of the heathen, and it is a dangerous way to be.

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