Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jeremiah 17-18

(January 21, 2015)
                I recently realized just how important the Sabbath Day is.  I admit that I tended to disrespect it (watching football was often the way I spent most of my day on Sunday), but after realizing that I needed some extra help I began to live the Sabbath better and more in accord with how I thought that it should be lived.  What I have learned by doing this is that the Sabbath brings a number of blessings that I wouldn’t have expected.

                One of those blessings is a break from those things that I am struggling with.  If I am struggling with a temptation, but I have been regularly keeping the Sabbath, I find that when Sunday comes around I am given relief (or added strength) to resist that temptation. It is a break in the cycle, so to speak – it is almost like a reset to my soul, which gives me a greater power to start over and work harder to live to be like Christ.

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