Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 Peter 4-5; 2 Peter 1

(August 28, 2013)
It is so clear that the struggle of mortality is a struggle to establish our faith.  If we had perfect faith, would we not be obedient to all (or, at the very least, more) of the commandments of the Lord?  After all, our faith would inform us that He loves us.  It would inform us that He gives us commandments out of that love for us.  And it would inform us that following His commandments was the best (and only) way to happiness.  So, assuming our faith, why would we ever sin?

Ironically, this view (while logical to me) is backwards in a sense.  It isn't that a faithful understanding of the world causes us to be obedient, but rather that our obedience grows our faith.  When we follow the commandments (even those we really, really don't want to follow) we are rewarded with an increase in happiness.  Happiness that we never expected to receive, and happiness that makes no logical sense to temporal minds.  But our spirits understand that we have received this happiness through obedience to the truth, and it is this reward of happiness (even in outwardly trying circumstances) that brings us the increase in faith that we need in order to progress in this life.

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