Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hebrews 13; James 1

(August 24, 2013)
It is easy enough to believe ourselves to be righteous, and it is likewise easy enough to believe ourselves wicked (I go back and forth on this subject personally on a regular basis).  But in both cases, we are looking at our lives subjectively.  We see what is in our hearts (a privilege that we don't extend to others when we judge them unrighteously, I might add).

But really our introspection is valuable only insofar as it improves our behavior.  Otherwise, it is only so much navel-gazing, and provides no benefit to ourselves nor to our fellow men.  What I am writing here may never be read, but so long as I grow through the process of writing such that I am able to better serve those around me it will be time well spent.  If another person someday reads this and is likewise blessed to be a benefit to others, so much the better.

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