Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Nephi 10

(January 29, 2014)
There is a difficult balance to reach between godly sorrow (something that we should experience constantly, because we fall short and fail to live up to our birthright) and sorrow after the world.  Teasing those two ideas apart has been a struggle for me, but I think there is some help in this chapter.  Jacob (a person not unacquainted with sorrow, as we can only assume that he suffered through much of the same abuse that Nephi suffered through), gives us the answer in verse 20.  We must still be willing to lay aside our sins (impossible to do without godly sorrow, as we understand the repentance process), but we should also not hang down our heads.  We can look at ourselves with godly sorrow but still remember that we are not cast off, yet, because of the marvelous Grace of the Lord.

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