Friday, January 24, 2014

Title Page, Epistle Dedicatory, Explanation Concerning Abbreviations

(January 24, 2014)
There is a certain level of pride that we each have in our own understandings of the Gospel.  I think that the translators had it quite correct that there are those of us who only accept truth that has been crafted by us, or hammered on our own anvil.  It is difficult to accept truth that is revealed to us until we gnaw away at it and in some manner digest it.  This is better than turning our noses up at the truth, but it still shouldn’t be the case.  When truth is revealed, we should accept it.

In my own case, I can only say that my limitation is one of fear.  When I encounter truth that hasn’t been hammered at my own anvil, I fear the possibility that it is wrong.  I fear the loss that following the wrong path will lead to (or, more particularly, I fear the loss of opportunities to do wrong if I foolishly do right – it is irrational, but most fear is).  It is difficult to conquer that fear, but I am convinced it is necessary.

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