Thursday, January 30, 2014

Genesis 8-9

(January 28, 2014)
I think that I spend too much time contemplating and not enough time enjoying.  I think that if something has a rational explanation, that is the sole explanation.  I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t felt that way somewhere along the way – you love something, and as you learn more about it you find yourself loving it less and less.  The more you know, the less you enjoy it.  By knowing it, you have removed the magic from it.

I think that is a weakness in me.  We know why the rainbow appears scientifically.  But does that make the rainbow any less beautiful?  Does that make it any less of a source of wonder?  More importantly, does that make it any less of a symbol of a covenant between God and man?  Just because we can explain the physical properties of light that cause a rainbow does not negate the other, potentially more important aspects of the rainbow.

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