Monday, February 24, 2014

Exodus 2-3

(February 23, 2014)
Each of us, like Moses, is a child of a Divine lineage.  We are children of Israel living in the world of the Pharaoh.  Our place in the world of the Pharaoh is comfortable (usually) and offers us everything that we think that we want.  And over time it makes us blind to our relationship to our God and makes us believe that our people are the people of Pharaoh.

And then, like Moses, we are placed in a position where we must choose between right and wrong – the right of being of the House of Israel or the wrong of being an Egyptian.  Like Moses, we need to be willing to stand up for Israel even when doing so means rejecting Pharaoh (and the more I see this analogy played out through scripture, the more I begin to understand why Abraham in Egypt was such a monumental point in the history of the world).

May we each, as Moses, be prepared to abandon the house of the Pharaoh and defend the House of Israel no matter the cost to us.

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