Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jarom 1

(February 18, 2014)
Something that Jarom said in this chapter really struck me.  He told of the prophets teaching the people of Nephi – how they worked to “continually” stir the people up to repentance.  This made me consider my own situation.

I have recently been making strides in changing some aspects of my life that were not in harmony with the Lord’s will.  For His reasons, and thanks to Him, I have been able to excise out of my life some of my worst habits and vices.  It has truly been a blessing – I don’t really understand how the Lord could make this repentance I am going through as easy as it has been.  It has been hard, but much easier than I expected.  I consider this a blessing from Him.

But it dawned on me as I read this chapter that I was feeling somewhat like I was done...at least, for a little while.  I felt like I had made great progress, and I wanted to consolidate that progress and ensure that I kept at this level for a while, and then I would return to repenting and improving my life.  I suppose I felt this way because for so long I have looked at this weakness as the central problem in my life.  Now that I had it beat, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

That, in and of itself, is reason to repent.  I need to change my personality so that I am continually striving to repent of my weaknesses, rather than ‘taking a break’ from the War in Heaven.  I must reexamine my life, and determine where my next-biggest weakness is to be found, and call upon the Lord to help me to excise that out of my life next.  There is no truce in the War in Heaven, even to consolidate successes – we must always be striving to improve and get better.

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